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24 December 2009

New Sheriff in Town

Let me set it straight from the get-go:  It was Skinny Ass' idea to get a new kitty for the kids for Christmas.

In fact, both Hubz and Numbnuts had been canvassing the local SPCA for the last week.  The very same day we got back from San Francisco, he piled up the whole family into the car - again - to hit up the extension at the mall.

Turns out the SPCA also has animals available for adoption at PetSmart.

Where we spent no less than two hours meeting all the cats, seeing how well they play with each other (or not), seeing how they react to a dog.  Observing how they behave with the kids, and if they still enjoy socializing with all five of us packed in that little room.

If it were up to me, we might've brought home THREE cats that night.  But seeing as Hubz always knows how to put his foot down (*wink*), we only brought home two. *giggles*

Say hello to family pet members #4 and #5 - the new rugrats:

~ Nico (AKA Houdini), 7 months old ~

~ Zoe, 7 months old ~

Of course, I'm the biatch that won't let 'em up in the kitchen. So when I start hollering at them to get off my counters or the house plants, guess who comes over to back me up?

~ Samson at 42, recently promoted to Sheriff ~


RC - Rambling Along said...


CaliMum said...

Welcome Zoe and Nico!

Lori E said...

Don't worry the cats will tune up the dog when they feel more comfortable. Then the world will be right again with the lowly dog sniffing at the backsides of the Staff Sergeants Zoe and Nico. That is just the way it is.

I received your Kick Ass blog award from a fellow blogger. I am honored though one commenter mistakenly congratulated me on my Kiss Ass award. Maybe she is on to something there?

52 Faces said...

I bought myself my dog Terry for Christmas! (from the shelter, of course)

You just got tagged on my blog!

Violette said...

Cool. We both have Zoes. Although I bet yours isn't a bulimic cat. I am ROFLMFAO that your Nico likes to look at himself in the mirror. I'm sure Kim's Niko does the same! Hahahaha.

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