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02 November 2009

Vampire Geisha and the Dead Doorman

Totally guilty of rockin' the vamp geisha outfit from earlier this year at the San Francisco Twi-Tour's Vampire Ball. When I met Kellan Lutz. *catches breath*

But HALE. I didn't wear it for (in singsong) Halloween...!


Last year, I was the Mad Hatter Hostess and Hubz sported a top hat with white rabbit ears. Cute, right?

So this year, I figured - what the hell - I'mma bust it out for the party. Here's the pic I tweeted that night, but you can't see my fangs. :(

Vampire Geisha

Actually, they're these custom-fit "Love Bites" fangs, and are really subtle. Take a looksie:

Vampire Geisha with Love Bites Fangs
Did you see Hubz's picture? Every year, that fucker bitches at me about what costume he's gotta wear that Hallow's Eve. He moans and groans, complains when I apply his make-up... he is just ALL OUT grumpy.

But I think it's all a facade. Coz you should see the way he works his costume. *shakes head* He runs the local full-service hotel, so this costume actually fit him perfectly. And did you see them monster boots?!

Skinny Ass is already tall at 6'5" - guess he just wanted to make sure you wouldn't miss him. ;)

The Dead Doorman

And you know I had to throw one in there of those nefarious monsters of mine ;)

Nefarious Monsters

Hope you all had a wicked Halloween!!


Melissa said...

Ha! Awesome costumes!

My 10 yr old wanted to dress as a vampire *ninja* Geisha, but I told her she had to choose just one this year. She chose Geisha. ;-)

I *love* those custom-fit fangs.

Katy said...

Giving me nightmares!

Devilish Southern Belle said...

The kids are adorable, your husband is frightening, and I LOVE YOUR MAKEUP! We didn't even dress up this year.

MommaWannabe said...

You all look scary hehehe! It must have been fun!

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