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01 March 2009

Winners of MammaDawg's Everglow Party

OMK! Thanks to ALL of you for joining the Everglow Party. And thank you for all of your patience as I squeezed in a couple of trips before and after the contest! lol - that wasn't actually part of the plan, but hey - that's the way the dice rolls, right? ;)

By the way - if you were a winner of one of our featured giveaways and have not yet received your prize, please email me at mammadawg [at] gmail [dot] com and I will follow up with the sponsor right away.

Alright now... are you ready???

~ Everglow Party Winners ~

Bonus Prize Winners

*To claim your bonus prize, send me an email with subject line "Everglow Party Bonus Prize Winner" and let me know your top 3 prize choices. Remember... first come, first served!! Winners to be listed at the Winner's Circle as well. :)

*~* 2nd Place Winner is... Rosa! *~*

*~* 3rd Place Winner is... Save Your Money Mama! *~*

*~* And our GRAND PRIZE Winner is... Sherry! *~*

Thank you for rockin' out with me at MammaDawg's Everglow Party!


Please contact your sponsor(s) directly with a link to this post and advise them that you are a Contest Winner. Most of them can be contacted thru the Entrecard Community, a contact page at their blog, or you can always leave a comment on the most recent post at your sponsor's blog as well.

Your sponsor will then be able to give you further instructions on how to claim your prize(s).

Special thanks to ALL of our sponsors and participants for making this such a successful contest - and congratulations to everyone! WHEW!!


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