Dette and Kellan Lutz at The Official Twilight Convention in San Francisco 2009

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03 March 2009

Meeting Ashley Greene, Rachelle Lefevre and Jackson Rathbone

First of all, Ashley and Rachelle are absolutely gorgeous.

Sunday at the con was the day to dress up as your favorite Twilight character and you KNOW I had to give Alice my props. ;) I was SO stoked to meet Ashley Greene in person, I was grinning ear to ear. Bad enough that David, the bodyguard, was making me laugh.

When she saw me walking up, she was all, "You look so cute!"

I gushed and told her, "You have to know who my favorite character is!!"

lol - I am such a dork. But it was awesome. *happy sigh* She has such a pure and fun personality - and she is OH SO pretty!!

Ashley Greene (AKA Twilight's Alice Cullen

Next was my photo op with Rachelle Lefevre. How could I not let her know that our favorite line in the movie is, "I'm the one with the wicked curve ball." :D

I wish you could've seen her onstage. So genuine, funny and down to earth. DEFINITELY someone you can hang out with partying or kickin' back and still have a good time. :)

Rachelle Lefevre (AKA Twilight's Victoria

Of course, the last photo op of the day - of the convention - was Jackson Rathbone.

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson....

He and Ashley LIT UP the stage during their Q&A. I swear, they're like the perfect couple! But by the time his photo ops came, I had already changed out of my Alice outfit.

Honestly, I barely made it past noon. I couldn't handle all the dang attention - lol. So at lunch, I made a dash for the room and threw on a casual gray top, kicked off my heels and slipped into my black rhinestone flip flops.

I could live in flip flops. Come to think of it... I actually do. ;)

Okay - off the bunny trail. I'm finally in the photo op room, and am amazed at how fast the line is going. Not in awe... more like, surprised. And not pleasantly.

Seriously. You walk up, take your picture, and walk off. All the girls in front of me had all of FIVE seconds with him. And all with the same, one arm on your shoulder, pose.

*mischievous giggle*

Oh, but... not me. Oh no - I wasn't going down like that.

I was almost up and STILL hadn't figured out what to say. Looking back... it may not be much compared to my encounter with Kellan, but... that's a given. You know when just ONE of them does it for you?

That's Kellan for me. ;)

Regardless, my encounter with Jackson still leaves my heart pounding when I think about it...

I've now just watched the last 3 girls go up and take the exact same pose with Jackson. He's so used to it by now, that his arm is almost in the exact same position. In fact, as I start walking up, he's about to give me the one-arm hug as well... except I had to go and change it up on him.

His arm was still reaching out towards me, but instead of letting it fall on my shoulder, I took his hands in my own.

His head cocked to the side ever so slightly. Curious. Amused. And then I explained:

"We all know you already have the perfect Alice Cullen. So I was thinking... maybe... we can give you the Filipina version...."

I didn't even wait for him to respond. I pulled his arms around me and as we posed for our picture, I could hear the girls behind me squealing.

"Awwwwww....! How cute!! I want mine like that!!"

lol - it made me smile. Though I've no idea who that woman in my picture is. Her smile is way too sweet and innocent for me. ;)

After Chris snaps our picture, I turn around to Jackson and he's thanking me for coming up. I've no idea how it happened, but somehow... we're kinda still holding hands.

Lightly. Not letting go.... Lingering.

I'm not one to overstay my welcome, so I'm already leaving. Except.. we were kinda still talking, so I was actually walking backwards.

Our fingertips still touching one another...

I'm not sure I even remember what I said next. Maybe thanking him for the photo? All I know is - I was lost. Lost in those intense eyes of his... eyes that bore right into me with the same tentative smile from earlier.

It felt like the room was a standstill. I couldn't hear anyone talking. See anyone moving. The others were probably watching our little dance as the next girl waited to take her photo op.

I finally let go of those soft hands of his, turning around to pick up my bag from the table.

Yet I could still feel the weight of his gaze on me... Watching. Maybe surprised to see the tat on my back that peeked out from under my top.

Either way... it was all I could do not to jump up and down where I stood. All I could do to not let out a scream from experiencing Jackson's intensity.

The girls weren't lying. Rob may personify Edward Cullen... but Jackson is the one who dazzles...!

Jackson Rathbone (AKA Twilight's Jasper Hale

~ Dette and Jackson Rathbone ~

Psst! You can check out my sistah blog, On the Rocks, for a couple more Twilight goodies!


Anonymous said...

That is soo cute!!

mahima said...

Aww! Jackson's soo cute and sweet! You're so lucky you got to meet him! :D

Carina said...

aww that's a precious photo. You both look HOT.

Rosefire said...

hehehe so cute love it thanks for telling us all the lovely story , which makes us love the man all the more

Anonymous said...

Brave girl, I applaud you having the guts to change things up like you did. You look so pretty in that picture, I wish i could have been you. I bet it was totally amazing! And yes I agree after going to two of his band concerts he definitly is the one who dazzles!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! Girl you are soo lucky! i wish i was you!!!Im like in love with jackson rathbone i would love to meet him one day! and your right he does dazzle you!=)

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