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26 February 2009

Reality is kickin' me in the ass

Okay. So you know that I can swoon on memories from the TwiTour all day long. But I'm getting a pretty good kick in the ass trying to bring myself home from la la land. ;)

My 2nd grader has this huge research project due tomorrow (damn - did I do research projects when I was 7?) and my 14 year old debuts tonight in the school's annual drama production. Somehow, he landed himself a small speaking part when all of the other freshman are usually just cast as extras.

Even though my 7 year old's still not done with basketball, baseball season kicked in yesterday, with yesterday as the first practice. Hubz was running a meeting with CONVIS so he wasn't able to make it - thank goodness he'll be there for Friday's practice.

My 4 year old has homework due tomorrow that I keep forgetting about. Bad mommy. But seriously - is my pre-schooler the only one with homework?!

And I still need to catch you up on what it was like meeting the rest of the Twilight celebs. Besides amazing, of course. :) And let's not forget - the winners for our Everglow Party!!

I've finally gotten my work emails down to under a hundred, and have a few meetings to plan in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Phoenix. Shit. I'm gonna be busy.

What's cute, though... is Hubz and I have been spending a lot more QT together in the evening. Fucker even admitted that he missed me while I was at the convention. lol - if you know Hubz, you know how cocky the sonofabitch can be sometimes.

Like how he NEVER tells me "you look nice" or "your haircut looks good" or "I like that outfit on you" - even when we head out for parties or events... because he's afraid it'll get to my head?!

Uh, no. lol - not gonna happen when you never hear it, right?

So, if anything, I owe a huge thanks to Kellan and the guys for the great pics and being such good sports. Who would've thought that those dreamy snapshots could bring a husband and wife even closer together?

Even if the Hubz wishes WE had a picture like the one of me and my monkey man. ;) Maybe this'll get him to finally start setting up date nights.

Oh... I could get used to this. ;)


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